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Aviva Stadium


Contract Renewed at Aviva Stadium


Pulse are delighted to announce an extension of the current security contract it has with the Aviva Stadium. The contract extension is testament to the companys performance since being awarded the contract in May 2010.

Frank Maguire deputy operation manager at the stadium stated that, Aviva Stadium opened on the 14th May 2010. Our vision was to present and operate a world class venue with top class facilities for International rugby, football and concerts. To date we have achieved this vision with the help of all partners of which Pulse Security are a very important part of the Aviva experience. We choose Pulse Security because they met the standards of professionalism and service delivery. We know that Pulse staff come with a high level of training and understand our requirements of customer care and presentation to meet the demands of all our clients. Pulse Security work closely with us and assist  us in planning  all our events
to ensure a safe and secure environment. We require a level of consistency in that staff are familiar with the stadium staff and our clients as this gives us a level of comfort that our stadium ins in safe hands.

It is estimated that over 2.5 million plus people have attended events at Aviva Stadium since it opened Pulse have been protecting the stadium, its patrons, visitors and staff at each event.

Photographed above is the management and staff of Pulse at the Aviva Stadium.

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