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Event Security to be Regulated


Private Security Industry Conference Dublin Castle Monday 21st May 2012

“Regulating the Security Industry, the Experiences so far, the Lessons for the Future"


Ms’ Geraldine Larkin CEO of the PSA confirmed to the conference that she intends to bring forward licencing of event security activity, Ms’ Larkin stated that it is envisaged that this new sector of licencing will take place in 2013.

Chairman of the event security industry of the ISIA Michael McQuillan expressed satisfaction at the PSA initiative and confirmed to the gathering in Dublin Castle that “the licencing of event security is now a matter of grave public concern, he further stated that the public have an expectation that when they attend an event that properly trained competent professional people were ensuring their safety”, he further stated that "the race to the bottom by some suppliers is not yet won and that means there is now serious concern for public safety”.

Ms Larking acknowledged that some providers who are ISIA members are already operating at a high standard in that they are providing PSA licenced staff as a best practice, however formal regulation would still need to be achieved.

Mr Ronan King chairman of the PSA re-iterated Mr McQuillan comments and stated “yes we all expect to have competent professional people ensuring our safety, and that the board of the PSA will press ahead with the regulation of the sector”.

With the regulation of event security activity now inevitable Pulse Security Management are please that the standards we currently operate to will satisfy regulation requirements when licencing becomes into law.

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