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Ten Tips When Choosing Security


Top Tens Tips When Choosing a Security Service ProviderNews - Ten Tips When Choosing Security

When choosing a security service provider you are very often overwhelmed by marketing material, sales pitches and sometimes questionable low bill rates. More often than not, the current economic environment tends to lean
service users towards the lowest bid. As business people ourselves, we are constantly conscious of the need to be price sensitive.  However, when choosing a very important partner like a security service provider there are wider implications for you and your organisation.

Our view is that your security service provider should be an ambassador for your business, their brand should be strong, and recognised as being a reputable organisation who will improve your business by delivering the
service you demand, but also,  that they operate their business in the most professional manner. Below are some helpful tips when choosing a security service provider to protect your organisation, its assets, and people.


1)     Ensure the company and their staff are currently licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA) for the relevant service they are offering, i.e. Static, Door Supervisor, and Event Security regulation which will come into effect in  2013.

2)     Can the service provider demonstrate their expertise in the proposed sector.

3)     Ensure the service provider carries sufficient insurance to indemnify you against loss or claims, in particular ensure a minimum of 6.5 million in public liability and 13 million in employer’s liability.  In addition do they carry
deliberate acts cover. What is the claims history of the service provider, request a statement from their insurers

4)     Ensure the service provider is tax compliant by holding a copy of their current tax clearance cert, which will state its issue and expiry dates.  In addition you may want to establish that the provider is also up to date with their revenue liabilities.

5)     Ensure the service provider is solvent, you could review last set of filed accounts.

6)     Establish who the owners of the service provider are, who the management team are, have they held positions with previous service providers, has the trading name changed in recent times and how often
and why ?.

7)     Establish what additional industry related training does the service provider give to their staff, outside of the mandatory FETAC modules, more importantly can they demonstrate this to you.

8)     Request references from their current client base, retention rates with clients, staff turnover, request to visit an assignment under their control and gauge the level of service being provided first hand.

9)     Establish from the service provider how they propose to implement, monitor and deliver the required service, in particular agree KPIs that are required to be met. How will they fulfil the following: 
problem solving, contract management, staff appearance, credit terms.

10)  Finally, and more importantly, how will they improve or add to your organisation, what added value benefits are they offering, can you trust them as your most important partner ?

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