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Risk Management

Services - Risk Management

Pulse Security Management are industry experts in offering security risk management solutions, we can offer expert advice and implement sustainable and ultimately cost effective measures to divert potential threats and hazardous exposures that can negatively impact on a project schedule and goals. Poor intelligence gathering will ultimately undermine your business objectives and cause expensive delays through wasted resources. Irrespective of your business’s core operation, disruption to its daily activity will ultimately lead to expensive losses. Risk management is an integral part of the world we live in today; Pulse Security Management will assist you  in pro-actively processing, identifying, analysing and correlating the information gathered to enable us offer intelligent solutions to a particular risk to enable you and your organisation carry out its day to day functions without impediment.

Services - Risk Management

We will succeed in this by providing advice on risk management control measures by rapidly deploying surveillance resources at ground level and through the use of technology. Pulse Security Management is in a position to respond efficiently and effectively to anything that may pose a threat or disruption to you or your organisation and all its activities.

Our consultancy service examines vulnerabilities in relation to personal or organisational security issues. We will recommend and implement best practice security solutions for you or your organisation using up to date technology, man power and surveillance techniques. As Security experts we are best placed to implement plans to deal with any apparent risk and we will provide viable cost effective solutions to identified hazards. 

Our expertise in risk management includes

  • Risk Management Consultancy
  • Crisis Management
  • Security Counter Measures
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Conflict & Threat Management Training
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Asset Recovery
  • Legal Document Serving
  • High Risk Project Support


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